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In the early 1980’s, Rev. Carl Komanapalli realized there was a huge need for an English medium school in the town of Amalapuram (East Godavari District, A.P.). He sent his two young children to a school 70km away so they could be taught in the English medium. In 1985, he brought his children home for their summer break. When it was time to leave, the children and parents found it hard to separate again. 


Rev. Carl requested local schools to start an English medium school, but none were willing to take up the challenge. Rev. Carl then wrote to his brother, Bishop Ernest Komanapalli, the founder of the sister organization, Manna Group of Ministries, suggesting they open an English medium school. Bishop Ernest Komanapalli liked the idea and vision. He also wanted to honor their mutual father-in-law, the Apostle P.L. Paramjyoti. Rev. Carl Komanapalli has directed the school since its inception in 1985. Subsequently, Paramjyoti Educational Foundation was started in 1986 to grow the schools into colleges and trade schools.


Rev. Carl Komanapalli is the Secretary and Correspondent of Paramjyoti Educational Foundation, the parent organization of Paramjyoti Schools. Joshua Komanapalli is the Executive Principal and is responsible for the vision, strategic direction, policy formulation, and future growth of Paramjyoti Schools in their pursuit of excellence as a Christian Educational Institution.

Principal Adilakshmi Nookapei runs the day-to-day operations at the school.


Mrs. Adilakshmi Nookapei

Paramjyoti School, Amalapuram


Mr. Joshua Komanapalli

Executive Principal

Paramjyoti School, Amalapuram


We are proud to list our International board of advisors


Mr. Graeme Irwin


Executive Principal,
St. Philip's Christian Group of Colleges,
Newcastle, Australia


Ms. Cathy Taylor

Lift Coordinator, 

St. Philip's Christian Group of Colleges, Cessnock, Australia


Dr. Ted Boyce

 Executive Principal
Pacific Hills Christian Group of Schools,
Sydney, Australia


Ms. Margaret Pond

Deputy Principal, 

St. Philip's Christian College, Cessnock, Australia

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Paramjyoti Schools

Ravulacheruvu, Amalapuram,
Andhra Pradesh 533201

Whatsapp:  +91 86395 51235

Office Number:  +91 86395 51235

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