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Step into the enriching world of our boarding school, nestled in the serene surroundings of Amalapuram, Andhra Pradesh. Our high-quality, internationally-inspired institution offers students a nurturing environment steeped in Christian values. Here, young individuals find a home away from home, where they can not only pursue academic excellence but also grow as compassionate, ethical individuals. With modern facilities and a close-knit community, our school provides a unique setting for holistic development, fostering an appreciation for the Christian way of life and encouraging personal growth.


  How to get to our School?

Fly to Rajahmundry Airport(RJA) and from there, it is just a 1-hour drive. If you call us, we can pick you up. 


Dorm meeting 

Dorm meetings are usually held on Friday nights. It helps dorm parents update their students on the plans for the weekend. They also provide an opportunity to have feedback from the week and share a short devotion. This informal gathering creates an atmosphere for the students to interact with the dorm parents and prepare for the weekend.


Birthdays are memorable times for the students in their life at the dorms. These are usually kept low-key, e.g., a cake and drinks, or a party at our cafe lawn. The school will provide a cake as part of its care. This is an opportunity for our students to be appreciated for their unique qualities by the dorm parents and friends. If you have questions about this, please contact your child’s dorm parents.

Weekend Activities

These depend on the age group of the students. Younger students are given structured activities during Saturday mornings and evenings, while older students have a more flexible program. Activities in the boarding program include sports, cooking, movies, walks, gardening, quizzes, and treasure hunts. Dorm parents plan a range of activities from week to week. These activities unwind the students after a busy week at school and also provide the opportunity to get to know their dorm parents and friends and create great memories. Weekends away are also planned for the students to go on outings. This depends on the age of the students.


Shopping activities are also set in the dorm weekend schedule as and when it suits. Students are allowed to shop in town on Saturday afternoons. This is done in groups. Grade. 5 and 6 are additionally supervised by the dorm parents and support team.


To prepare themselves for bed, students should be in their dorm approximately 15 minutes before lights out. Dorm parents may consider the privilege of letting students go to bed half an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights.

Communication is key!  Regular conversations with your child is crucial for their development. We welcome parents and guardians to have their concerns addressed with their child’s dorm parents, either by phone or email.


Dorm parents generally email relevant contact information and timings at the start of the academic year. Calling your children once a day for 10 mins. We encourage and value parents’ communication with their children, as well as caution them not to do it too often when it can be unsettling for a new border. Children are not allowed to have a phone on them for safety reasons, however a phone can be given to the dorm parent to use for phone calls during phone call time. You will be given time for phone calls so as not to disturb their daily schedule.


Each student has a school email account through which he/she can email the family. The school respects students' privacy and therefore does not restrict students' emails. Emails will only be viewed by the school if there are any concerns raised and if the school management calls for an investigation. Emailing every few days is a healthy way to keep in regular touch with your children. Like every one of us, the students, too, have good and bad days. Most problems are insignificant and can be quickly resolved by themselves, but may be perceived as a significant problem in an email. Please do contact the dorm parent if you believe your child has some real concerns.

Food & Tuck

Tuck are food items that students bring from home, picked up from a local shop, or have been sent to them by their parents. 

Dorm tucks are kept in the dorm for personal use. They can be items such as chips, muesli bars, sweets, dried fruit, and so on. 


Std. 5 to 8: Tuck is kept in school-supplied containers locked away in cupboards and given away at the dorm parent's discretion. 


Std. 10 and above: Students keep tuck in their rooms, in a lockable container such as a metal tin. They can bring up to a maximum of 20kg.



Table tucks can be condiments, spreads, and health drinks that can be eaten at mealtimes. Tinned meat, packets of breakfast cereal, etc. are not included in this category. They cannot be items that require refrigeration. For Std. 8 and younger students, dorm table tuck items will be kept in locked cupboards in the dining hall. 


Parcels can be sent in from home, but these need to be limited. Most of the items children need can be purchased locally. 



 We have a cafe at the entrance to the school. During weekdays, students can purchase drinks and snacks using their pocket money.


The school envisions students developing budgeting and shopping skills as their individual needs and desires are fulfilled. The school also seeks to provide a degree of equality among the students and wishes to avoid needless financial expense on parents. 

Only dorm parents or travel escorts will issue either pocket money or travel money. Students should not have access to additional money, debit or credit cards, shopping accounts, etc. Students can bring money for tucks and toiletries and hand over money to dorm parents on their arrival for later use.


Healthcare is an essential duty of our non-resident School Doctor from our hospital and the resident trained nurse. All students go through medical registration on arrival at the school dorm. Students' health is checked at regular intervals. The routine visits and checks of the school doctor, and treatment of minor ailments, are covered by school fees. A nit check for head lice and deworming are done each term. 

 X-rays, particular prescription drugs, or treatment will be charged to the parent's account. If a student gets admitted in the School Clinic overnight or to a local hospital, the parents will be intimated. 

 All childhood vaccinations mentioned in the table below must have been administered before joining the school. Other advisable vaccinations and the student's blood group will be recorded in the student's health form before entry to the school.

We expect parents to have their student's immunization up-to-date during holidays. The school will not assume responsibility for this. The school nurse needs to be informed of any new immunizations or ailments so that students’ medical records are up to date. This also includes information regarding the child’s sight and hearing. A new health form will be provided for each semester. If parents are aware that their children have been exposed to any infectious disease while out of school, they must take the school's permission before they return. All medications must be handed over to their dorm parent on arrival. Dorm parents should be made aware of any on-going treatment. A doctor’s prescription is needed for any medication to be administered.


Paramjyoti School being a well known Christian boarding school in Andhra Pradesh is committed to working towards an all-encompassing development of its students. Beyond academics and classroom learning, the school creates a safe and caring environment where children grow personally, physically, and spiritually. The staff of Paramjyoti School emphasize character building, communication skills, and interpersonal relationships, recognizing the importance of values that extend beyond the classroom. 

Through a robust curriculum, extracurricular activities, and a focus on physical well-being, Paramjyoti School prepares students for the challenges of the modern world. Rooted in Christian values, the school also provides a nurturing atmosphere for spiritual exploration. With a balanced approach to discipline, Paramjyoti School aims to instill leadership qualities that will guide students toward success and achievement in all facets of life.

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