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Why we do what we do?

We believe that God has created every child unique with the potential to do great things. Our heart for our children propels us to give them the best education possible.


How we do it:

  • Safety Standards

  • Quality Spacious Facilities

  • Caring teachers

  • Teachers who love children and have fun learning.

  • Making future leaders

  • Teaching values and life skills

  • Using High-Quality resources

  • Innovation in all things

  • Atmosphere to encourage creativity and Individuality

  • Modern in all things

  • Atmosphere to encourage creativity and Individuality

  • Freedom of expression

  • Having fun learning / Effective and Engaging.

  • Child-centered learning

  • Leveraging the latest technology

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What we do:

  • Clean  classroom

  • Apple technology devices

  • Spacious Cafe/ PlayGround/ Basketball court

  • Apple Education

  • Inquiry for Primary and Application based-learning for high school program

  • High-speed internet, and back up.

  • Monitored classroom using CCTV camera

  • Safety Training

  • Naturally lit and spacious classrooms and facilities

  • The only school to have a synthetic Basketball Court in the state

  • Nurturing teacher-children relationship

  • Celebrating students’ learning

  • Aha! Moments for the teachers when the students get it.

  • 20:1 Student-teacher ratio.

  • Safe and appealing dress code

  • Communication/Feedback from parent

  • Not limiting learning to textbooks

  • Inquiry Based learning program

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View the learning that takes place in our school on our Paramjyoti school social media pages


Paramjyoti School

Red Bridge, Amalapuram,
Andhra Pradesh 533201

Whatsapp:  +91 86395 51235

Office Number:  +91 86395 51235

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