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Academic and Events Calendar for Summer 2024

The calendar below details all the main events at Lioncrest Academy, including the term dates, all Regional and National holidays, and public celebrations.

Academic Year Start and End Dates
School Reopens for Academic Year 2024-2025  - 1st April, 2024
School Closes for Academic Year 2024-2025  -  20th March, 2025
Important School Events
First Open House  -  30th August for Junior School
Second Open House  -  13th November for Junior School
Annual Day  -  19th December, 2024
Graduation Day  -  22nd March, 2025
School Breaks
Summer Break  -  1st May to 17th June, 2024
Term Break 1  -  15th August - 18th August, 2024
Term Break 2  -  5th October - 13th October, 2024 
Winter Break  -  20th December 2024 - 17th January 2025
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