Life at Paramjyoti

A Christian, International, Co-Educational, Residential School

Guidelines For Visitors

Visitor Guidelines



All visitors to the school are required to report at the main gate and fill out the in attendance with the security guards. The security guard will then provide you with a ‘visitor pass’ which must be worn visibly throughout your tour on the campus. The pass needs to be returned to the security guards when you leave.

Please report at the Reception Office on arrival at the campus. Then you will be escorted to the School Office at the school building. 



Please report to the Reception Office before entering the school building.



Vehicle inside the school campus has strict expectations to ensure the safety of all students. Vehicles will not be allowed inside the campus during school hours. Speed limit within the campus is only 10km/hour when allowed permission.

All motorcyclists are required to use helmets. 



Visitors are expected strictly not to smoke, or spit, on the campus. The use of the play area and play equipment are not encouraged for the visitors. Meeting the students needs to be arranged with prior notice to the dorm parent of the student. 

Meal reservations can be made at the Reception Office. Parents should always inform their children’s Dorm Parents of their visits prior to arrival. Visiting dorms by the parents is encouraged only on certain fixed occasions.