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Communication Is Key


Regular conversation with your child is crucial for their development. This re-assures them as well as you that they are in safe hands. Open communication between parents and dorm parents plays a vital role in your child’s well being. Have your concerns always addressed with the dorm parent by phone or email.


Dorm parents generally email relevant contact information and timings at the start of the academic year to the parents. Calling your children once in a week is encouraged. To help other parents to talk to their child as well, we recommend parents to limit their calls within 10 minutes. We encourage and value parents to communicate with their children as well as caution them not to do it too often, which can be very unsettling for a new boarder and can be unfair on other students trying to speak to their parents. We recommend parents to ring their child after school ends, outside of mealtime and prep hours and 15 minutes before bedtime.


Each student has a school email account through which he/she can email the family. The school respects students' privacy and, therefore, does not restrict students' emails. Emails will only be viewed by the school if there are any concerns raised on a student and if the school management calls for an investigation. Emailing every few days is a healthy way to keep in regular touch with your children. Like every one of us, the students too have good and bad days. Most problems are insignificant and can be quickly resolved by themselves but maybe perceived as a significant problem in an email. Please do contact the dorm parent if you consider some real concerns.


We have a passionate and committed faculty, which includes both internationally-trained and domestically-sourced educators. which includes both internationally-trained and domestically-sourced educators. 

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