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Academics Overview



Our aim at Paramjyoti School is to facilitate learning so that our students have a mindful and balanced world view. We consider every student as a priceless individual whose mind, body, and spirit all need nourishing within a harmonious and caring environment. We hope that such a situation would encourage and challenge them to focus on their potentials and launch them into the real world after schooling within any global community.


The academic program and the curriculum at Paramjyoti School provide a structured opportunity to train students’ minds and their senses in understanding of both themselves and the world around them.  We also hope that this increased awareness would lead to increased wisdom and motivation for living. The curriculum reinforces this through the study of a wide range of subjects and with increasing depth. 


Whether it is a baby or an inventor, a sense of wonder and awe is the core of the progress of the explorative species. Life is dazzling with mystery, and the mind quickly appreciates the need to search. Therefore, this gave way to the evolution of various ideas, concepts, hypotheses, and theories. We must engage our students to have their minds trained in the incubation of a world of ideas. As it is essential for them to equip themselves for various professions, global cultural readiness, and routine life skills, we also offer a range of practical hands-on experience in our programs of study in some subjects.


We would want our students to soar above the mere mark scouring mindset, the last minute cramming and reckless study as external exams loom on the horizon. Therefore assessment occurs throughout the year on a periodic basis to keep them challenged.


Paramjyoti School has three sections:

  • Junior School: Standards 1 to 6 (including our PPS early years program)

  • Middle School: Standards 7 and 8

  • Senior School: Standards 9 and 10 (ICSE/IGCSE)

  • A levels: Standards 11 and 12


Each section has its coordinators/heads of sections. At each level for each subject, there are written programs of study and various attainment targets.

At the junior school level, the students are at a very conducive developmental stage of exploration through inquiry. Then through Standard 10, we aim for a balanced and in-depth focus on the curriculum. The school expects the students to complete Std. 10 with an appreciation of the spectrum of knowledge and a broad range of skills. 


From Std. 9 to 10, studies are geared towards the ICSE/IGCSE courses and examinations. For most subjects, the ICSE/IGCSE syllabus is formally taught in Std. 9 and 10. Students choose from the following subject groups-Languages, Humanities, Sciences, and one other (Art, Technology, and Music), so as to retain breadth and balance. English Language, Mathematics, and Global Perspectives remain compulsory up to IGCSE. 


The curriculum is timetabled through a 9-session per day. In some cases, work is assigned during the holidays, particularly for Std. 9 – 10.



ICSE is one of the best education boards which has a legacy from the British. It is considered to be high in standards compared to many top boards in India. For details about Cambridge IGCSE, Click here.


The school is progressing towards the affiliation with Cambridge Assessment International Examinations. For details about Cambridge IGCSE, Click here.


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