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In the early 1980’s, Rev. Carl Komanapalli realised there was a considerable need for an English medium school for the community, as well for his children, in Amalapuram - a scenic bustling town in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. He founded Paramjyoti School in 1985, along with his brother Bishop Ernest Komanapalli, honoring their mutual father-in-law, the Apostle P.L. Paramjyoti. 
Soon Paramjyoti Educational Foundation was created to guide and nurture the school.
Founded on strong Christian core values keeping Christ first, Paramjyoti School strives for excellence in developing leadership potential and encouraging young minds to serve and build the community by always doing what is right.

Paramjyoti School is the first school in this region to challenge mediocrity and encourage a progressive mindset among students. There are many successful alumni of our school present globally, bearing witness to our quality education. 


Growth and development necessitates change as a vital process. Keeping Christian excellence at the heart of its engine, Paramjyoti School is ever on its growth trend, adopting new and other global educational philosophies every year. Though it is affiliated to CISCE, it utilises various other international teaching and learning methodologies for the benefit of the students.


Paramjyoti School is an egalitarian school in all aspects for both genders of students. It encourages students to learn and excel in all areas of life. It will progress in the future to be a predominantly residential school to give students the best of time and opportunity to express  their hidden potential.

All schools rightly claim to be unique, and Paramjyoti School is no exception. Our students value the joy and spirit of student agency as they study. And its uniqueness is also seen through the transference of our core values among our students.

As you travel through the pages of this website, I am sure you will catch the enthusiasm and energy of Paramjyoti School. 

We welcome you to Paramjyoti School, and with certainty and confidence, assure you of our commitment to service in Christ.

Daniel Xavier



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