Life at Paramjyoti

A Christian, International, Co-Educational, Residential School

Student Leadership

Student Leadership


Student Leadership opportunities at Paramjyoti School include:

  • Prefects are chosen from Std. 10 by staff.

  • Std. 10: all choose at least one area of responsibility in discussion with Class Tutors.

  • Two house captains from Std. 10 are chosen by staff and responsible for sport and other house activities.

  • Student Council is run by Std. 10. Class representatives, co-presidents, and council executives are elected by the student body.

  • The student newspaper is run by various nominated students.

  • Students can learn to assist at the cafe acquiring managerial skills.

  • Students take responsibility for various PBL clubs in executing each club's mission. 

  • Organization of events, including sports day, Christmas program, and annual days are done by students starting from planning, budgeting, and executing.

These opportunities equip the students with the skills they require to form and lead varied teams to accomplish an objective. They obtain knowledge and experience in accomplishing different functions as a team and helps them prepare for broader leadership roles and responsibilities as they step into real life outside of Paramjyoti School.