Technology In Classroom

Technology In Classroom



Paramjyoti School is adequately equipped with desktop computers, laptops, ipads, smart TVs, and projectors, which are widely used to enhance learning across all subject areas. All the middle school and senior school students are provided with individual computers or laptops. Some students have bought their own laptops. We were the first school in this region to run all the classes digitally online through Google classroom and other platforms even long before the Covid-19 crisis. Students are encouraged to use computers as much as possible for all the subjects, researches and projects.


Access to learning opportunities today is unprecedented in scope thanks to technology. Remote learning has opened a new opportunity for students and teachers to use technology to its full capacity for learning and teaching.

Learning was never as fun as it is now. We use various iOS apps to individualize learning for each student. 


Apps like the Seesaw help us keep student activity journals and track their progress. A world-class app, Matific creates love for math in the child. The Epic app enables the child to not only learn to read, but to create a passion for reading through listening. Visual cues on the app help a child connect how a word is pronounced. The Hologo app is an Augmented Reality library for education.


The use of multiple and dynamic resources rather than a single textbook for learning stimulates the digital natives. The use of the Internet is monitored, and moreover students are also empowered to use the online information as responsible human beings. Students have email IDs under the school domain for all the online communication with the school and for online learning. The school has WIFI access points in each classroom, across campus, Individual iPads, Visual Media (Apple TV’s in classrooms).



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