Life at Paramjyoti

A Christian, International, Co-Educational, Residential School

Residential Care



Paramjyoti Schools is aiming to be primarily a residential school with most of the students boarding in 'dorms' on the campus. The school provides students with relatively small yet spacious family-like dorms, rarely exceeding 20 students. Boarding starts from Std. 5. 


Dorms have a set of dorm parents who care and nurture the children in their dorm. These dorm parents are generally husband and wife couples. All dorms are also given 'dorm support' and 'dorm cover.'


The dorm supports give assistance to the dorm parents with weekend activities. Dorm Covers take the responsibility of looking after the dorm during the dorm parents' weekly day off and weekend off once per semester. Dorm Covers voluntarily assist dorm parents, along with the dorm support, with weekend activities. 


Prefects, usually a senior school student, also take the responsibility of assisting the dorm parents during the week as big brothers or sisters. Usually, two prefects are allocated per dorm. 

Illness, injury or any other medical problem are taken care by the school's medical clinic. The clinic provides 24-hour support with trained nurses. Please refer to the residential health section of this web site.


  • Dorm meeting: Dorm meeting is usually held on Friday night. It helps the dorm parents to update the students on the plans of the weekend. This also provides an opportunity to have feedback from the week and share a short devotion. This informal gathering creates an atmosphere for the students to interact with the dorm parents and prepare for the weekend.

  • Birthdays: Birthdays are memorable times for the students in their life at the dorms. These are usually kept low key, e.g., a cake and drinks or a party at our cafe lawn. This is an opportunity for the students to be appreciated for their unique qualities by the dorm parents and friends. If you have questions about this, you need to contact the dorm parents.

  • Weekend Activities: These depend on the age group of the students. The younger students are given structured activities during Saturday mornings and evenings while the older students have a more flexible program. Activities in the boarding program include sports, cooking, movies, walks, gardening, quizzes, and treasure hunts. The dorm parents plan a range of activities from week to week. These activities unwind the students after a busy week at school and also provides the opportunity to get to know their dorm parents and friends and create great memories. Weekends away are also planned for the students to go on outings. This depends on the age of the students.

  • ShoppingShopping activities are also set in the dorm weekend schedule as to when it suits. Students are allowed to shop in town on Saturday afternoon. This is done in groups. Std. 5 and 6 are additionally supervised by the dorm parents and support team.


To prepare themselves for bed, students should be in their dorm approximately 15 minutes before lights out. Dorm parents may consider the privilege of letting the students go to bed half an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights.