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Assessments and Reports

Assessment & Reports



The purpose of formal reporting is to share the strides made by our students to their parents/guardians and to arrive at further action plans. This process encourages the students to reach the best possible milestones during the period of subsequent study. The report facilitates parents in a parent-teacher meeting with information, so parents know how best to help. They also give receiving institutions with fair information on achievements, prior attainments, and potentials of a student.



Reports are shared with parents thrice a year. The reports also provide the basis of the PD interview, which occurs at the end of each term. New students receive an additional abridged report at the end of the first term explaining how the students are settling into Paramjyoti School. The reporting sessions are in September, December, and April. The reports typically have:(i)The summary of the course pursued (ii) Grades for different facets of the program appropriate to the subject e.g., practical work in science. (iii) The examination percentage (Stds. 7-10 only). 3. Trial examination reports for standards 10, which the school sends out at the end of the third term. These include both Trial examination valuations as well as the details of progress made since the last report. 4. Graduation term reports for all standards for achievement and effort and examination percentages for Standard 7-10.


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